Tuesday, August 12, 2008

rain... did somebody say rain????

day 11 - exmouth

the plan for today was to do a quick trip out to charles knife road, grab a cache and then have a quiet relaxing time for the rest of the day. you know what they say about the best laid plans....
25kms out of town to the turn off only to find the road closed. funny - other people we talked to said it was open yesterday... oh well - mark it down as a did not find....

back in town and over to the shire to double check on the road closure. the guy they need to ask is out of range but they'll let me know when they know. over to the visitor information centre to look at souveniers and their sign says the road is open but with caution. oh so confusing. 20 minutes later the phone rings - its the shire saying that the road is open again. it had just been closed while they checked on its condition.

back out again and up the road to the first lookout where the cache is hidden. WOW....
i've been lots of places and seen lots of things but this is really a special place. the cape range is a jagged uprising of rock that creates a division between the eastern and western sides of the north west cape. the western side of the cape is the famous ningaloo reef, the eastern side is the stretch of water that separates the cape from the mainland. in close it is called the exmouth gulf.
from a distance the cape range looks much like any other australian range of hills. lowish in height, grey green in colour and relatively smooth and rounded undulating from end to end. however, once you get up into the range, the story changes completely. the smoothness and the grey green disappears replaced by jagged cliffs and enormous canyons in all manner of colours from dark reds to wind warn greys. the rock is a mix of limestone and what would appear to be volcanic type stone. the wind and water erosion has created a stunning vista that words and photographs really can't do justice to.

given the right light and the right conditions, the potential for amazing photos would be unlimited. unfortunately we scored another overcast and threatening sky so while the view was truly magnificent, the photos are somewhat muted.

we drove through the ranges to a spot called the thomas carter lookout which was something of a disappointment when compared to some of the other views on offer but still pretty special all the same. on the way back down we stopped about 20 times for photos much to the disgust of liam and ciaran.

song for the day: U2 - in god's country

day 12 - exmouth to coral bay

only 155 kms today so we started out by tightening the bearings on the trailer wheels and then played a round of mini golf at the exmouth mini golf place. of course being pack up and travel day, it was raining again so golf was a bit damp, but not too bad - could have been considered excellent even seeing as I won. there was a large group of ladies at the place enjoying scones and stuff for morning tea. half were inside but the other half didn't fit, so they were sitting outside under a very meagre cover. they were all sitting at a long table with their umbrellas up having a great old time. i took a photo of them and we had a laugh about the weather. so the rain wasn't able to dampen everybodies' spirits.

the trip to coral bay was very wet, but by the time we got there the rain had pretty well passed and the sun was beginning to show itself a little. the rest of the day was spent setting up and just hanging around and looking around town (1 pub, 2 sets of small shops and two BIG caravan parks).

song for the day: fats domino - i'm walkin'

day 13 - coral bay

went snorkelling on the inner reef today. the coral here on the inner reef is hard coral and is all browns and dark greens with the odd splash of electric blue and dayglo green. there were heaps and heaps of fish. not being a fish expert i can't really tell you what I saw but there were at least long toms and sargeant fish and norwest snapper.

shaggy - if you read this, be pleased to know that word from the experts here suggest that both the inner and outer reefs are in good health and look to have an excellent long term future.

song for the day: cyndi lauper - waters edge

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