Friday, July 25, 2008

around the state in eighty days....

days 2 - 6

kalbarri / denham / monkey mia

day 2 - perth - kalbarri

long day in the saddle - 8 hrs or thereabouts. traffic getting out of perth was ok. found the ford at regan's ford. lots of water in the moore river.

saw an old t-model / austin / old small skinny car with a camper on top. funny thing to look at. the camper was 3 ft wider than the car.

blown over trees at greenough, two big trucks with big metal things on them. thought we were gonna get stuck behind the trucks but they turned off at port denison.

took coastal scenic route to kalbarri from geraldton via horrocks beach.

setting up camp we broke the zipper that joins the annexe to the camper. no zipper, no annexe. brought wrong cord for the electric light. forgot to bring mantles for the gas light... had tea in the open by torchlight. staying at anchorage cp. early night. nice quiet night's sleep ahhhhhhh.

song for the day: i can see clearly now / the rain has gone / bright shiny day / blue sky.....

day 3 - kalbarri

spent the morning looking around kalbarri. got new light and some more mantles for the gas light. did geocache at red bluff.

had an early lunch and headed out to lynton to the old convict depot where the convicts were held pending work at port gregory or on the lead mines. there is a pensioner guard's hut as part of the complex. interesting cos one of my great great great rellies was a pensioner guard. did geocache at lynton.

back in to kalbarri from lynton and stopped at a whole bunch of lookouts on the way. amazing awesome sights to behold. contrasting colours and savage cliff lines juxtaposed with tranquil seas. natural bridge, castle cove, grandstand, shellhouse, eagle gorge and red bluff. highlight waould have been the walk out to the top of red bluff. way up high with views to everywhere. astonishing.

song for the day: this is the sea by the waterboys. once you were tethered now you are free that was the river this is the sea...

red bluff

sunset over kalbarri

day 4 - kalbarri

went into town to see the pelican feeding. got there a bit early so bought coffee. nice coffee but jolly expensive. pelicans aren't really my thing but the lady doing the presentation was funny and it was interesting watching people's reactions as the fed the birds. liam and ciaran both had a go.

straight after pelican feeding we headed out to the gorges north of kalbarri. more 'a' words. we went to the ross graham and hawks head lookouts forst. funnily enough we saw a magnificant hawk out there. firstly flying around and then sitting quietly in a tree surveying its kingdom.
back towards kalbarri to nature's window. lots of people but still an amazing place with amazing views. the kids were suitably impressed.

then on to z bend. ruth and ciaran did the short walk to the lookout which they said had the best views so far. liam and i did the longer walk down to the river to do a geocache. the climb down and back up again took about an hour and we spent about that long clambering over the rocks, crossing the river and climbing up the other side to get the cache and then back again. our first 4/4 cache and well worth the effort. the path down to the river goes through chasms and old waterfalls and trees growing out of the rock walls of the gorge. not too many complaints from my old body and liam did really well

bit cloudy and very windy tonight but nothing too serious so far.

song for the day: take me to the river - which was the title on a sign we saw at z bend.

pelican feeding

natural window

day 5 - kalbarri - denham

5 hours solid rain last night.... despite the many hours spent sealing the canvas on the camper before we left, after an hour or so the water started coming in. we didn't need to evacuate to the car or anything but everything got very damp and we didn't get much sleep.

packed up early "ish" and headed for denham. stopped at nerren nerren to do a geocache and then continued on past billabong to the overlander and then stopped for lunch between hamelin and nanga on the road out to denham.

arrived in denham around 2pm and organised to stay in a bungalow rather than the camper so we can dry everything out properly. ok ok i admit i'm a sook but hey its my holiday.

song for the day: from the 'beaches' soundtrack - i think its going to rain today

day 6 - monkey mia

off early this morning to get out to monkey mia for the 8am feeding show. very overcast this morning but no rain. extraordinary light filtering through the clouds as we headed over.

the first feeding session there were only two dolphins in close and there was only a moderate sized crowd. very informative talk about the dolphins and their lives. the scientists are doing some very interesting work and have developed what is almost a genealogy for the group of dolphins that come in to the beach on a regular basis. ciaran and liam got to feed the dolphin, but ciaran was the one who actually put the fish out.

the second session had about 8 dolphins turn up, and the crowd was still quite small which was good. the dolphins are quite noisy, squeaking and squawking and making little farting noises. the ladies all oohed and ahhed when the dolphin near me was doing its farting thing. if it had been me making the noise i would have got slap on the head... where's the justice.

wandered back to denham via the little lagoon and have spent the rest of the day kicking back and relaxing.

song for the day: an obscure title from manfred mann's earth band - singing the dolphins through (great southern tafe readers - ask jim b.)

ummmm.... dolphins
morning sun
kids feeding dolphins
aristocat boat


artichoke said...

Kalbarri looks fascinating Bott's ... and your pictures drove me to google the geology of that sandstone arch/ window ..400 million years ago is a big idea to let drift in a mind

botheredbybees said...


^ that's me doing an impersonation of a dolphin farting noise.